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December 14, 2018
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February 13, 2019
The new year is here! That means you have the opportunity to begin a new and start fresh. For many of us, we set goals for the new year, whether it may be to lose weight, eat healthier, or quit a bad habit. Whatever your goal is, make sure you tackle it head on and don’t get discouraged even if it takes a little while to see a change. If you suffer from pain or have some discomfort, then now is the time to take action to help yourself become pain-free. If you would like to become a healthier individual in the new year, then consider the benefits that physical therapy has to offer. If you are searching for physical therapy near Island Park, then contact us at The Physical Therapy Experience.  


The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists take a hands-on, customized approach to helping patients live a pain-free life. Whether you suffer from chronic pain, just suffered a recent injury, would like to enhance your athletic performance, or just become a healthier person, then physical therapy can benefit just about anyone. Check out some great benefits:

Reduce or eliminate pain:

  • Through manual therapy techniques such as joint and soft tissue mobilization and other related treatments, our physical therapist can help achieve pain relief and restore muscle and joint function.

Avoid Surgery:

  • There are some instances where an injury may require surgery, but can also be healed through physical therapy instead, cutting down medical costs. In a case where you need surgery, you can participate in pre-surgical physical therapy which can allow your body to have a faster recovery after your surgery.

Improve mobility:

  • Our physical therapists will provide a stretching regimen to our patients that will ultimately allow them to become more flexible. If you have trouble standing, walking or sitting, our physical therapy in Oceanside can provide patients with an assistive device such as a cane or crutches.  

Recover from or prevent a sports injury:

  • Our physical therapists have a deep understanding of the risks every sport has on the athletes who participate. We can establish customized strength regimens for your specific needs to accommodate for the potential risks within your sport.  

Physical Therapy near Island Park

If you are in search of physical therapy near Island Park, The Physical Therapy Experience is here to help start the new year off on the right foot! Our physical therapists are highly trained and have years of experience helping patients on a daily basis and relieving their pain. With the new year brings feelings of wanting to do something for yourself. Have you had a nagging pain or an injury that has never been treated? Or would you like to live a healthier lifestyle, physical therapy can help you achieve greatness. Our physical therapy in Oceanside can help you start the new year off right, so contact us today!


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