Can Joint Mobilization help?

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February 16, 2018
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Have you noticed that you’re having less motion in your knees or shoulder? This might be caused by numerous ailments ranging from arthritis to tennis elbow. Fortunately. there is a treatment for it.The therapists at The Physical Therapy Experience offer a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan designed for an individual’s specific needs.
What is Joint Mobilization and how does it work?
Joint Mobilization is the process of improving blood supply by assisting in the blood pumping process. This process helps to reduce pain, inflammation, and it also improves an individual’s mobility in the affected joint. During a therapy session, therapists will use small passive movements which allows the therapists to gently move the patient’s joint.  These movements are gentle on the patient’s joint and help the joint return to a natural level of resistance. For those worrying about pain, this process is usually pain-free.

There are three types of joint mobilization the Maitland technique is the most commonly used treatment option used by therapists today, it encompasses using small rhythmic oscillating movements (frequently on the intervertebral joints of the spine), McKenzie technique which utilizes the patient’s active range of movement in combination with physical therapist passive movements and Mulligan technique which moves the joint in a perpendicular or parallel glide in contrast to the patient’s movement.

For patients wondering if joint mobilization will benefit them the therapists at The Physical Therapy Experience will go over the patient’s medical history and perform a thorough examination to determine the underlying cause of their pain and if it is determined that the patient’s pain is caused by any of the ailments listed.

The therapists will then discuss using joint mobilization and determine the level based on the examine what level of treatment will best fit the patient’s treatment plan. There are different grade levels when it comes to joint mobilization (Grades 1&2). Grades 1 & 2 are used when the patient is experiencing significant pain in one area. The goal here is to help reduce the pain and inflammation by improving movement in the ailing joint. When a patient is suffering from little to no pain but much more stiffness the therapists will categorize that as (Grades 3&4). The treatment goal here would be to use vigorous movements on the joint in order to help restore full range of motion.

The therapist’s at The Physical Therapy Experience will help patients regain use of the injured, ailing joint and help them live with less pain. If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment feel free to call us.


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