Frequently Asked Questions


PT Experience FAQ's

How Can Physical Therapy Help Me?
Physical therapy can help people improve their movement and physical function, recover from injuries and manage pain. Physical therapists design treatment plans specific to each patient's needs and strive to improve your quality of life through hands-on care.
Will I need a prescription for Physical Therapy?
In New York State, a patient can access physical therapy for evaluation and treatment for 30 days or up to 10 visits without a prescription. It is important to note that many insurance companies will not cover physical therapy without a physician's referral. The Physical Therapy Experience recommends that you get a prescription from a physician.
How should I prepare for my first visit?
To prepare for your first visit, you should bring with you the prescription from your doctor for physical therapy, your insurance card, and any MRI reports or x-rays that are available. If your insurance requires it, you can bring any referrals and copayments. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that will allow the treatment area to be exposed.
What time should I arrive for my first appointment?
To complete all necessary paperwork, we recommend that you arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.
What to expect during my first appointment?
Your first appointment will be focused on evaluating your condition and reviewing your medical history. During this process, your physical therapist will craft a treatment plan that caters to your needs, and your treatment will begin following the evaluation. Your first appointment will typically last one hour.
What conditions does PT Experience treat?
Physical Therapy Practices offer many standard treatments including machines and independent exercise programs. We provide a quality care approach and offer effective and innovative treatments to get our patients back in motion and back to health. Our team specializes in Orthopeadic, Neurologic, Geriatric, and Pediatric conditions. To view a full list of conditions we treat, Click Here.
Will Physical Therapy be covered by my insurance?
The Physical Therapy experience accepts most major insurance plans. For a full list of accepted insurances, Click Here. If your particular insurance plan is not listed do not hesitate to contact our office if you have questions regarding your coverage.
What precautions has our team been taking regarding COVID-19?
Since the pandemic has begun, our patient's safety has always been on our minds, and we have chosen to stay open so that we may continue to help them heal. While remaining open, we continued to change and improve how we could keep our patients safe. Some of the safety precautions we have implemented are:
  • Appointments are staggered
  • We have moved equipment and furniture in waiting and treatment rooms to abide by CDC guidelines
  • All of our staff wears face masks
  • All of our equipment is cleaned before and after each session
  • We have made all our patient forms downloadable from our website so you can fill them out before coming in for an appointment