Hip Arthroplasty and Exercise

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December 21, 2016
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January 27, 2017
Hip Arthroplasty or total hip replacement is a procedure done by removing the excess bone and cartilage within the socket and the femoral head is replaced with a metal and plastic acetabular component that allows the femur to fit comfortably in the socket. The procedure allows for artificial movement and to alleviate any pain or discomfort of bone to bone contact. When the procedure has concluded physical therapy is imperative for recovery. With locations in both Smithtown and Oceanside, New York, Physical Therapy Experience is here to help with your total hip replacement recovery.

Post Arthroplasty pain is very common but physical therapy and exercise can help! To regain full mobility, your physical therapist use various exercise such as moving the leg in circles or even walking to build up the muscles. Sitting, standing, climbing stairs are great exercises to regain mobility. Exercising daily with light activities and walking will help not only the muscles, but strengthening the hip joint and bone. Daily exercise also can alleviate bacteria or infection that may build as well as dislocation of the ball and socket joint.

The staff at Physical Therapy Experience can help you recover from hip arthroplasty by blending science and inspiration to allow patients  to understand the lasting effects and benefits of physical therapy. Combining light exercises and strengthening techniques, PT Experience can alleviate the pain allowing you to gain back full mobility.

If you need a total hip replacement consider PT Experience for an efficient recovery in timely fashion. Check out our two locations in Smithtown and Oceanside. Or give us a call.


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