How Effective Is Physical Therapy For Arthritis?

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How Effective Is Physical Therapy For Arthritis?

Physical Therapist in Hauppauge NY

Living with arthritis can leave you in pain with nearly every movement you make. While arthritis is an incurable condition, working with a physical therapist in Hauppauge, NY can help you manage your symptoms, improve your function, and increase mobility. At The Physical Therapy Experience, our movement experts will teach you specific techniques to help you move with greater ease and less pain. Continue reading to discover how physical therapy can be effective for arthritis. 

How Effective Is Physical Therapy For Arthritis? 

If you’ve been diagnosed with any form of arthritis, you probably want to know the best ways to relieve your chronic joint pain and slow the disease’s progression. Physical therapy is designed to help you do both. Our physical therapist in Hauppauge, NY will focus on your ability to engage in movement and create a unique program to suit your needs. For patients living with arthritis, the goal of physical therapy is to improve mobility and strength, restore the use of arthritic joints, and help patients preserve the ability to perform daily tasks. Physical therapy offers many benefits for arthritis, including:

  • Strengthened Muscles – If muscles surrounding the affected joints are weak, they can hurt more because they are under extra stress. Muscle strengthening exercises can help stabilize weak joints and reduce pain. 
  • Improved Joint Mobility – Stiff, immobile joints are a chief complaint among arthritis patients. Range of motion and stretching exercises can help you maintain the ability to perform daily tasks and limit pain. 
  • Reduced Pain – Increased physical activity can help reduce complications from a sedentary lifestyle. Therapeutic strengthening exercises can improve your muscle and joint strength and reduce pain. 
  • Environment Modifications – A physical therapist can guide you through various environmental modifications, including the proper use of assistive devices.
  • Working Around Injuries – Arthritis can leave you in pain and avoid movement, but our physical therapist can help you adapt to your condition and move in a way that does not aggravate your pain. 

Contact Our Physical Therapist In Hauppauge NY

A customized physical therapy program from The Physical Therapy Experience can positively impact your arthritis symptoms and help you move better. To learn more about how our physical therapist in Hauppauge, NY can help, contact us today and request an appointment!


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