How Physical Therapy Can Help You Post-Surgery

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April 26, 2018
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May 21, 2018
One of the most important components of healthy post-surgery rehabilitation or recovery is physical therapy. Physical therapy can include recovery treatment, healing, and prevention of future injuries. Patients can use physical therapy to improve strength and mobility without the need for any medication, especially those recovering from orthopedic surgeries.
If you’re in search of post-surgical physical therapy in Smithtown, our physical therapists at The Physical Therapy Experience are trained professionals who specialize in identifying your body’s limitations. We know about treatment goals that will work well with anyone looking to recover post-surgery. Some benefits that post-surgical physical therapy in Smithtown offers are:
1.    Expediting the process
While the body can naturally heal itself, it still needs help to efficiently treat you quickly. There are many issues that physical therapy can help you get rid of, including lost muscle mass, limited range of motion, and scar tissue.
2.    Regaining mobility
Mobility is not all about the ability to walk. For example, if you undergo shoulder surgery, you will need to regain mobility to be able to lift or reach over your head without feeling any pain. Physical therapy builds up muscles around the damaged area, improves mobility, increases range of motion and improves flexibility through a variety of exercises.

3.    Reducing Inflammation
When it comes to reducing inflammation, there are many remedies that can help you, including manual therapy or heat/ice applications. Through gently moving the limbs during physical therapy, fluid that’s held in the body’s tissues will begin to diminish, resulting in less swelling.
4.    Recovering from surgery faster
In the case of active individuals or athletes, they need a fast and safe recovery. Post-surgical physical therapy in Smithtown will not only ensure you’re fully healed, but we’ll have you back on your feet doing the things you love in no time.
5.    A safe and complete recovery
Our physical therapists are trained to help you recover safely, and without this, you might fall into bad habits that have negative long-term effects. For example, you can cause muscle imbalances that may affect your gait permanently if you try to walk after a knee surgery without properly recovering.
If you undergo surgery and work closely with our therapists, you will be able to dramatically recover without any fear of prolonged rehabilitation. At The Physical Therapy Experience, we offer post-surgical physical therapy in Smithtown that will have you feeling good as new. Contact us today for more information on our services!


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