How Physical Therapy Can Provide Sciatica Relief

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How Physical Therapy Can Provide Sciatica Relief

Physical Therapy near Island Park

Those living with sciatica pain understand how uncomfortable and frustrating this condition is to tolerate. Since sciatica is so prevalent, many patients suffer through their pain without seeking treatment. Fortunately, The Physical Therapy Experience offers physical therapy near Island Park to help patients combat their sciatica symptoms and find lasting relief. Continue reading to discover how physical therapy can help relieve sciatica. 

How Physical Therapy Can Help Sciatica

Sciatica refers to pain when a nerve in your lower back is compressed, pinched, or injured. This sensation can be excruciating and even disabling in severe cases and can lead to pain sensations that radiate throughout the lower body. 

Physical therapy near Island Park is one of the best ways to help patients dealing with sciatica pain. Our staff at The Physical Therapy Experience are movement experts who will thoroughly assess your condition, determine the underlying cause of your sciatica, and execute a treatment program that targets your symptoms and helps you towards a pain-free and active lifestyle. We may employ a variety of therapeutic modalities, including exercise and manual therapy. Your physical therapy program will depend largely on the cause of your sciatica and your current fitness levels. Here are some of the ways physical therapy can provide sciatica relief:

  • Manual Therapy – Manual therapy is a hands-on approach to treating sciatica symptoms. Our therapists may use mobilization techniques and massage therapy to apply pressure to injured areas to promote pain relief, improve range of motion, and restore function. 
  • Strengthening Exercises – Strengthening exercises are highly effective at managing sciatica symptoms. Your program may include bodyweight and resistance exercises that aim to improve strength in your legs, hips, abdomen, and lower back. 
  • Ice and Heat Therapy – Heat and ice therapy can help promote blood flow, reduce inflammation, and reduce muscle spasms. Depending on your symptoms, heat or cold packs can help promote relaxation and prepare your body for your physical therapy session. 

Our therapists will utilize a comprehensive and collaborative approach to your sciatica rehabilitation. Treating your body as a whole is essential for resolving your sciatica symptoms and facilitating long-term relief.

Contact Physical Therapy near Island Park

The Physical Therapy Experience offers advanced physical therapy treatments to help our patients find relief from a variety of conditions, including sciatica pain. To discover more information about how physical therapy near Island Park can help your sciatica, be sure to contact us and request an appointment today!


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