National Physical Therapy Month

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September 25, 2019
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November 12, 2019
It’s National Physical Therapy Month, and The Physical Therapy Experience wants you to learn about the benefits of physical therapy. This October, get help from our expert physical therapy so you can manage your pain, whether it’s minor, chronic, or severe. Physical therapy can help people of all ages who suffer from injuries or medical conditions. Most injuries are challenging to diagnose, so it is essential to visit a physical therapist as soon as you discover pain in your body. If you are looking for physical therapy near Kings Park, contact The Physical Therapy Experience today. Our physical therapists are experienced in trying to find the root of the problem and providing the most effective treatment. We take care of the stiffness and weakness in your body that can make you feel immobile. So how does physical therapy fix pain? There are a lot of reasons why physical therapy can be beneficial. Here are just a few:


  • Increases flexibility or mobility: Physical therapy is a great way to improve mobility and flexibility as well as your overall strength. Many people who need physical therapy experience pain in their muscles or joints; they tend to feel stiff and immobile. Specific exercises and massages during physical therapy can help ease the pain experienced while standing, walking, or running. 


  • Healing from an injury or surgery: Physical therapy is an all-natural way someone can improve their pain without harmful painkillers. In some instances, injuries from a sport or car accident require surgery. Sometimes after undergoing surgery or recovering from an injury, physical therapy can help heal you correctly and get you back to your everyday life.


  • Increases circulation: Certain treatments like hot or iced packs can help increase circulation in the injured tissues and muscles. This is one way you can relieve pain. Massages and exercises are other treatments that can also help with blood flow. 


  • Manage serious diseases: Physical therapy can strengthen and improve your breathing through specific exercises. Those who recently suffered from a heart attack or lung disease can find improvements in their overall health. Breathing exercises can also help patients remove dangerous fluids from their lungs. 


  • Improve balance: Physical therapy can help you improve your balance and stability, which can help prevent falls or other injuries. 

How can physical therapy near Kings Park help you:

The Physical Therapy Experience offers a wide variety of services to help you with all your needs. We can help you with a range of conditions, and our overall goal is to help you feel comfortable in your body and feel better. This National Physical Therapy Month, learn how physical therapy can help limit pain, diagnosed symptoms, and improve your overall daily health. If you are looking for physical therapy near Kings Park contact us today!


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