Physical Therapy For Arthritis

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July 13, 2021
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Physical Therapy For Arthritis

Physical therapy near St James

Unless you experience joint pain regularly, you may not realize just how much you rely on your joints to perform daily activities. Arthritis is a primary cause of joint pain that can happen to anyone and is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States. While people associate arthritis with old age, arthritis can occur at any time. At The Physical Therapy Experience, we offer physical therapy near St James to help patients manage arthritis pain. Continue reading to learn more.

Physical Therapy for Arthritis 

Physical therapy near St James focuses on the body’s ability to engage in any kind of movement and is used to manage conditions that limit movement in the body. While arthritis is incurable, there are ways to relieve joint pain and slow the progression of this disease. Here are some of the ways a physical therapist can help you:

  • Increase or maintain range of motion – Arthritis can make your joints stiff. Physical therapy can help improve the range of motion in your joints and restore function through functional stretching and strengthening exercises. 
  • Improve muscle strength – Arthritis can cause the cartilage cushioning the bones to wear away and lead to painful friction. Strength training for the muscles surrounding arthritis can reduce friction and pain. During physical therapy near St James, we’ll identify weak areas and help you address them with strengthening exercises that improve strength and stability in the joints. 
  • Posture Adjustments – Maintaining good posture can take significant stress and pressure off of arthritic joints. Your therapist will show you how to modify and adjust your posture and suggest modifications to your environment to put less strain on your joints. 
  • Balance – Some individuals with osteoarthritis experience impaired balance from decreased joint function and mobility. In addition to strengthening exercises, physical therapists can incorporate balance exercises into your treatment. 

Contact Us For Physical Therapy near St James

Physical therapy is an effective way to address arthritis symptoms and improve physical fitness. At The Physical Therapy Experience, we provide one-on-one physical therapy near St James. Our team will develop a highly personalized treatment plan to address your needs and help you find relief. Contact our office today to schedule a physical therapy session. 


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