Physical Therapy for Hip Bursitis

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June 9, 2017
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July 13, 2017
Hip bursitis is when one of two of the bursae are inflamed. Bursae help cushion your ligaments, tendon, and muscles. Inflammation and irritation of the bursae can cause friction and stress in the hip, becoming painful. If you are a Smithtown or Oceanside, NY resident looking for physical therapy treatment on your hip, then contact The Physical Therapy Experience to receive proper physical therapy and care.
Symptoms of hip bursitis include pain, swelling, and tenderness over in the hip area. The sharp pain in your hip will make it difficult for you to get out of bed and perform daily activities. If left untreated, then the pain and swelling will gradually get worse. This can lead to limited movement and weaken the muscles and ligaments in your hip. You should seek physical therapy help as soon as possible to treat hip bursitis.
At PT Experience, our physical therapists will further evaluate and confirm that you have hip bursitis. You may be advised to rest your hip before physical therapy. Resting your hip usually involves not moving your hip and putting ice on it to reduce swelling. Exercise is recommended once the swelling reduces. Our physical therapists will help regain strength and mobility in your hip.
Your physical therapist may also recommend home exercises. Home exercises include outer hip, hip flexor, and hamstring. Doing these exercises will help stretch the muscles and improve your balance and flexibility. Stretching the muscles surrounding your hip is a good way to regain mobility in your hip. A physical therapist will help choose the best methods for you to help recover from hip bursitis.
Hip bursitis can be prevented by doing warm ups and stretching before exercises. Maintaining a good posture while you are exercising is also important. Our Smithtown and Oceanside, NY physical therapists will help treat your hip and assign proper exercises to improve overall strength and mobility. Contact PT Experience today to get started.   


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