What Happens in Physical Therapy for Lower Back Pain?

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February 14, 2020
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Unmistakably, lower back pain relief is one of the most highly sought after treatment options that patients are frantically scrambling for assistance. In all likelihood, patients who experience lower back pain (chronic or acute) will find the guidance of chiropractors or spinal specialists. They may even consider pain relief medication or topical cream, such as CBD oils. But, another viable resource could be physical therapy. The Physical Therapy Experience, offering physical therapy near Kings Park and the surrounding Long Island communities, provides pain relief for lower back pain through many of their available services

How Can Physical Therapy Treat Lower Back Pain?

Typically, physical therapy can offer a variety of different treatment methods for several ailments. Lower back pain is no exception to this rule of thumb. Conventional physical therapy practices that can be used for the treatment of lower back pain may include some of the following:

  • Strengthening Exercises: One of the core treatments available at a physical therapy clinic involves the use of strengthening exercises to help buildup/muscle endurance in affected areas. In the case of lower back pain, having healthy muscle in these areas can provide stability and potentially serve as pain relief. Please inquire with a physical therapist for recommended exercises that can target these areas directly.


  • Hot/Cold Compresses: Aside from exercise, external pain relief is also a viable resource for the treatment of lower back pain. The majority of physical therapy practices offer heat/cold pads as a treatment option for this ailment. These can be placed onto the affected area, carefully wrapped in cloth, and applied for pain relief.


  • Stretching Techniques: Frequently, a patients’ lower back pain could be stimulated by stiffness in the area. Physical therapists may recommend a variety of stretching techniques that can be utilized to provide relief and comfort. In some cases, increased pain could be experienced by patients trying to stretch out the area on their own. Consulting with a certified physical therapist can allow patients to find relief through the proper means.

The Physical Therapy Experience – Offering Physical Therapy Near Kings Park, NY

Patients who are interested in inquiring about physical therapy near Kings Park and the rest of the surrounding Long Island area should contact the Physical Therapy Experience today for more information.


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