Physical Therapy for Shoulder Cuff Injuries

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August 1, 2018
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​Shoulder cuffs, also known as the rotator cuff, are located within the shoulder and are made up of several muscles and tendons that support and move the shoulder joint. Shoulder cuff injuries are a common injury that can cause patients a lot of pain and discomfort. These injuries primarily include tendinitis, bursitis, and strains or tears. At The Physical Therapy Experience, our physical therapist in Oceanside can give you the treatment you need to recover.

of a shoulder cuff injury include the following:

  • Shoulder pain with specific activities
  • Significant reduction in arm mobility
  • Pain while sleeping on your side
  • Shoulder weakness
  • Difficulty reaching above or behind

A common source of shoulder cuff injuries is when a person does an overhead action with their arm for a long time. These repetitive actions irritate the muscles and tendons in the shoulder, which will wear them down over time. Eventually, there will be damage done to the muscles, and the shoulder will become significantly inflamed. In severe cases, the muscles and tendons will tear.

How can physical therapy treat a shoulder cuff injury?

If you experience a rotator cuff tear, there will be several treatment options available to you. One treatment option that can be especially effective includes physical therapy. Here at The Physical Therapy Experience, our physical therapist in Oceanside can use physical therapy to treat rotator cuff tears and to return your shoulder to normalcy.

If you decide to use physical therapy to treat a rotator cuff tear, the main goal will be to regain strength and mobility in your shoulder. This goal is accomplished by using a mix of physical massages and alternating between icing and heating the affected shoulder. Our physical therapist in Oceanside will also provide you with exercises that you can do at home. These exercises are designed to help strengthen your shoulder. They will also give you several posture tips that will help alleviate shoulder pain.

How does physical therapy help the shoulder recover after rotator cuff injury surgery?

Although physical therapy is usually a preferable alternative to surgery, the rotator cuff injury might be so severe that surgery is unavoidable. In these cases, physical therapy can still be used to a great effect. Following rotator cuff surgery, physical therapy can be used to rehabilitate the shoulder. Additionally, physical therapy after surgery can maximize the procedure’s effectiveness and help speed up the healing process.

Would you like to use physical therapy to treat a shoulder cuff injury? You can contact our physical therapist in Oceanside here.


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