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September 1, 2016
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September 29, 2016
Physical therapy is extremely beneficial to people of all ages including those that have medical conditions, illnesses or injuries that limit their ability to move and function. It is a great non-drug treatment alternative in a world where opioid consumption and dependency on pills is ever growing. Physical therapist can help patients recover from injuries and will help return them to their prior physical ability.

Patients can gain strength and confidence in their ability to independently achieve the necessary tasks we all do every day.  They also will design a customized plan for each patients that will encourage physical activities and make lifestyle changes that a can prevent a future injury.  

An injury or debilitating condition can lead to extreme pain and decreased function and mobility.  The Physical Therapy Experience in Smithtown, is dedicated to seeking out the cause of these problems and provide one-on-one solutions.

Standard treatments most therapist use include machines and independent exercise programs. Both are practiced and utilized at Physical Therapy in Smithtown. The difference is, therapist at Physical Therapy in Smithtown, believe understanding your body and your injury or illness is important. Having a firm understanding on how things functions is imperative in achieving long term goals and health benefits.  

Physical therapy is extremely effective in helping patients who suffer from arthritis. The therapists at Physical Therapy in Smithtown understand that pain that arthritis brings can become so bad that those who suffer from it rather become immobile than endure the pain. Losing the ability or desire to move around is very destructive in accomplishing simple task. Physical Therapy in Smithtown will help patients gain back movement in their joints while decreasing any stiffness you have by strengthening.

Physical therapy also has the ability to eliminate pain and heal injuries, in some cases patients may no longer have to go through invasive surgery. Physical Therapy in Smithtown focuses on improving balance that will prevent falls especially for older patients.

When it comes to stroke, physical therapy can be extremely beneficial. It’s common to lose some degree of function and movement after stroke. Physical Therapy in Smithtown will strengthen weakened parts of the body and improve balance. They can also improve stroke patients’ ability to transfer and move around so that they can be more independent around the home. This can reduce their burden of care for dressing, toileting, bathing, and other daily living task.

If you live in the Smithtown or Oceanside area, see how the Physical Therapy Experience can help you!


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