Preventing Golf Injury

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April 28, 2015
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June 3, 2015
Spring is here in full bloom which brings some great weather and more the reason to get out and enjoy it.  For those of you who are not avid golfers, you may laugh at the title of this weeks blog, but as you can easily hurt yourself while going for a walk, those avid golfers or weekend warriors know the pain that can come from a ball lipping out of the cup as well as the pain that can follow after a swing of the club.

As in any activity the most important thing to do is to stretch and go through a proper warm up.  A light jog or brisk walk is a good start and will help get some blood flowing and loosen up your muscles.  After that be sure to take time to stretch your entire body with a majority of focus on your arms, legs, and back.  There are many types of stretches you can do, just make sure you feel a nice stretch without causing pain.

After stretching it is a good idea to take a few light swings to help train your body and increase the muscle memory of what you intend to do on the course.  A golf swing is different than any other movement, a smooth swing will help prevent injury and is actually more effective in getting maximum distance than a vigorous swing.  This can be used during your round while in many cases it would be more beneficial to switch from an 8 iron to a 7 iron and swing a bit easier than try to blast the 8 iron.  A small tip like this can help your game as well as keep you within your limits and prevent injury.

If you are a novice it may be a good idea to take a lesson with a club pro to help analyze your swing to further improve your game and prevent injury at the same time.  Otherwise, if you are the weekend warrior type keep in mind these few tips to help you active on the weekends and not sidelined by injury:

  • Stretch properly

  • Don’t over-swing

  • Stay hydrated

  • Stretch again after the round

Follow these tips and we’ll be sure to see you at the 19th Hole!

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