Rehabilitating Your ACL

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Rehabilitating Your ACL

Physical Therapy near Lake Grove

After an injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), it’s common to lose strength, motion, and stability in your knee. Whether you choose to undergo surgery for your injury or not, it’s crucial to regain strength and mobility as soon as possible. Here at The Physical Therapy Experience, we offer physical therapy near Lake Grove to help you recover from your ACL injury and get back on your feet. Continue reading to discover more information about rehabilitating your ACL.

Rehabilitating Your ACL

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the most frequently injured ligament of the knee. This ligament spans across the knee diagonally and prevents your knee from buckling. When you experience an ACL tear, you may experience pain, swelling, lost range of motion, and you may hear a loud popping noise. In addition to pain, you may also be unable to bear weight on your knee or walk. Cutting maneuvers and jumping and landing are common movements that precipitate ACL injuries. 

Once your ACL injury has been diagnosed, you will consult with your surgeon and a physical therapist to determine if surgery is necessary or if you can recover without a procedure. Depending on your activity level, the severity of your injury, and your overall health, our team devises a custom physical therapy near Lake Grove plan to get you on the road to recovery and rehabilitation. Your rehabilitation program may include:

  • Strengthening exercises. 
  • Flexibility exercises.
  • For athletes – coordination and agility training. 
  • Endurance activities. 

Whether or not you choose to have surgery, rehabilitation is often necessary for most ACL injuries. The goal of these treatments is to help you regain range of motion and flexibility in your knee. Unfortunately, getting back on the field can be a lengthy process. Before you can return to activities, around six months of rehabilitation is recommended. Our team can help you gradually progress and return to your previous form and skills to help you regain full confidence on the field.

Contact The Physical Therapy Experience Today!

An ACL injury can be catastrophic, especially for those who lead active lifestyles. At The Physical Therapy Experience, we provide physical therapy near Lake Grove to help increase flexibility, mobility, and strength. Our programs are catered to your unique needs to effectively treat your injury. To learn more about rehabilitating your ACL, be sure to contact us today!


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