Sciatica During Pregnancy

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November 3, 2017
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December 1, 2017
Being pregnant can be both an exciting and scary time in a woman’s life. If you are currently expecting, and have been suffering from pregnancy-related sciatica, physical therapy might be the answer. The physical therapists in Oceanside at the Physical Therapy Experience provide personalized care, and we can give you the proper help for you and your baby.
Sciatica during pregnancy is pretty common, as often times the weight of the baby can add to sacroiliac joint trouble due to the added pressure on the pelvis and hip joints. Often times the position of the baby, especially during the third trimester as it gets into the birth position. Some symptoms of sciatic pain include:

  • occasional pain on one side of your buttocks or leg
  • pain along the sciatic nerve path, following the buttocks throughout the leg
  • numbness or weakness in the affected leg or foot, often like a tingling feeling or sharp, shooting pain

Your physical therapist in Oceanside may introduce you to a number of exercises you can do at home which is safe for your baby and can help relieve the sciatic pain, including a series of basic yoga poses which are easy to do. Some easy ones you can try are:

  • Pigeon pose (laying on the floor with one leg flat behind you, with the other leg in front of you perpendicular at the knee)
  • Child’s pose (kneeling on the floor, with arms laid forward in front of you, nose on the ground)
  • Lunges (one knee on the floor, with the other leg in front of you)

These types of poses can help relieve pain in the hips, back, and legs, and provide a great stretch. As sciatica is very common during pregnancy, you did not do anything wrong to cause your sciatica. Just follow these steps and you should feel better. Our Oceanside physical therapists are there to help you through this special time in your life, but be sure to consult your OB/GYN before coming to us.


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