Slips and Falls

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January 9, 2017
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February 13, 2017
It’s that time of the year when winter visits Smithtown and Oceanside, New York  and with his visit, comes dangerous inclement weather that threatens millions of commuters daily. Even after the snow is shoveled away, the lingering moisture breeds wet, icy surfaces. These adverse conditions sharply heighten the risks of slips and falls occurring during your daily indoor and outdoor activities, especially at work. All it takes is a sheet of black ice on the sidewalk or an absent caution sign in the office building to blindside your balance.

In most cases, slippery surfaces are hard and have the ability to cause a great amount of trauma. Slips and falls may sound innocent but they can cause serious problems that may limit your mobility anywhere from days to even months. During this time, you could be out of work and out of luck with getting any of your errands done. On a positive note, slips and falls can be relatively easy to avoid if you practice these simple safety tips:

  • Taking your time and paying attention to where you are going
  • Adjusting your stride to a pace that is suitable for the walking surface and the tasks you are doing
  • Walking with the feet pointed slightly outward
  • Making wide turns at corners

​While following this advice may reduce the chance of slips and falls, it can’t fully protect you from these accidents occurring and, depending on the severity of the fall, hands-on physical therapy may be required for a full recovery. The Physical Therapy Experience can provide these special health services to help melt away the pain through the use of our tailored exercise programs and innovative equipment. If you or someone you know can take advantage of this quality care, don’t hesitate to contact our Smithtown and Oceanside offices. Both locations offer a relaxing environment and a friendly staff dedicated towards getting you back up and running just in time to enjoy the warmer weather.


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