Tennis Elbow and how Physical Therapy can help

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March 27, 2015
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April 28, 2015
With the weather getting warmer, and spring around the corner, everyone is ready to get outside and do fun filled activities. But it’s very important to try and avoid injury, especially a common injury known as tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a condition caused by repetitive use of the arm, forearm, and hand muscle, which leaves an end result of in elbow pain. It doesn’t necessarily happen just to tennis players, even though statistics shows that about 50% are affected during their tennis playing careers.

So what exactly is Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow is inflammation of the tendons, which is located on the outer bony prominence. There are many symptoms of this condition, and the main ones are increased pain, in and around the elbow, morning stiffness of the elbow, tenderness and soreness of the arm and elbow. As well as increased pain when grasping, or having moment of the arm.

When it comes to the healing of this condition, physical therapy is the way to go. Physical therapists will utilize certain stretches and exercises to help strengthen the arm, forearm, and hand muscles. As well as increasing the flexibility of the arm. It is also common to wear a brace or a wrap around your arm, that will help reduce pain. Physical therapy can help prevent further steps taken such as surgery or even getting steroid shots in your arm, which is unlikely to work the first few times. Physical therapy helps prevent getting the condition tennis elbow, and will teach you techniques (if you are a tennis player or not) that will help lessen the chances of injury and increase the knowledge of proper usage of playing sports.

Don’t wait till this happens to you! Take the precautions now, and if you’re in pain do the right thing and seek out your physical therapist! Its worth it!

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