Tennis Safety This Summer

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July 1, 2015
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June 22, 2016

With the warmer weather everyone is going to be trying to get outdoors and get active. One sport that is very taxing on the body that will be played during these summer months is tennis. It is important that you take the proper precautions and practice good safety techniques while playing tennis.            

While playing tennis there are many injuries that can occur because of all the stress placed on specific joints, the most being placed on the elbow, shoulder and knee joints. In tennis and all sports for that matter it is very important that you start with a warm up this way you can get the blood flowing and the joints ready for the type of movements that you’ll be performing. Before you start to play you should examine the court itself to make sure that there aren’t any hazards that may cause a potential injury. This includes cracks or chips in the court as well as making sure the surface is dry and that you won’t be slipping all over the place. Using the proper equipment will also prevent injury, like using the right racket size and making sure it’s not too big so you don’t injure your elbow or shoulder. Having the proper footwear will also prevent injury by preventing slipping as well as practicing good technique will help stop injury. Along with all of this it is important to have a good fitness plan besides tennis with resistance training in order to build muscle and support and stabilize the joints. Also it is good to rest up after playing and trying to reduce inflammation by elevating and icing your joints as well as try and learn some rehabilitation exercises from your physical therapist which would also help reduce the chance of getting any sort of injury.            

If all of these precautions and methods are taken you should be on your way to having your best tennis season yet. The goal is to play the best tennis you can for the longest time possible and being conscious of your safety and health you will absolutely do so.


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