Tips for avoiding heat exhaustion during your summer workout.

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     Now that we are in the heart of the summer many people will want to get outside to perform their workouts instead of being inside the gym. This is a great way to still stay in shape as well as enjoy the beautiful weather, but it is important that you stay safe and do everything you can to avoid heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion can be very dangerous and happens more frequently than people think so it is best to use some of these tips to avoid it from happening to you.
           Heat exhaustion is a heat related illness that happens when you are exposed to high temperatures as well as being dehydrated; this is why you must be careful when exercising in such high temperatures. Before you begin your workout in the heat outdoors it is best if you let your body acclimate to the heat for a little bit this way it isn’t so much a shock to your system. The most important thing that you should do to avoid heat exhaustion is to always stay hydrated and make sure you avoid drinking beverages that contain caffeine or alcohol, as they will only increase your dehydration. You should also avoid wearing heavy or dark clothing as these clothes will retain heat and not allow your body to cool off in the proper way. Another important thing to do if you are exercising outside is to seek a cooler place, somewhere that has plenty of shade, and also be sure to rest adequately and listen to your body if you are starting to feel a little light headed. Also make sure you are not on any medications that would make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion so consult with your doctor first.
           Heat exhaustion can be a scary thing but there are plenty of things that you can do that will help you avoid ever having to deal with it. Hydration is key, so make sure you are always replenishing your body with fluids and are being conscious of everything else and you should have and enjoyable workout in the outdoors.
    Whether you live in Nassau or Suffolk counties, The Physical Therapy Experience is here to help you better prepare for your outdoor workout. If you recently were injured or looking to get fit this summer, call us at either our Smithtown or Oceanside offices today!


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