Tips To Prevent Winter Injury

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December 6, 2021
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Tips To Prevent Winter Injury

Physical Therapy near Island Park

Winter is finally here, and this season of ice and snow brings forth an uptick in injuries. Winter injuries can include anything from skiing injuries or muscle strains from shoveling snow or slipping on ice. Our team at The Physical Therapy Experience is here to keep you injury-free all season long with physical therapy near Island Park. We’ve compiled a list of valuable tips to help you prevent winter injuries this season. Continue reading to learn more. 

Preventing Winter Injury 

The winter can be an exhilarating and fun time to get outside and get active, but the season can also bring unexpected dangers that can put you in recovery mode. Fortunately, you can take preventative measures for wintertime hobbies and activities to avoid slipping incidents or sports injuries. Here are some tips for preventing winter injuries: 

  • Warm-Up – You should be warming up before your activity during any season, but it is imperative in cold weather. Stretching your muscles will prime them for action, making you less likely to become injured. 
  • Protect yourself with the proper gear – Proper winter gear is an essential investment for your protection. When you’re up against the elements, you need the right clothes and gear to tackle them. Wear the appropriate clothing and gear for your activity, whether that includes helmets, gloves, or knee pads. Protect yourself from the cold by wearing layers and warm, dry boots. 
  • Walk carefully – Many winter injuries happen when people carelessly walk outdoors in dangerous conditions. Hidden ice patches and slick walkways can cause slips and falls. Wear shoes with good traction, walk slowly, and keep your hands free to give yourself good balance. 
  • Know your limits – Winter sports and activities can become dangerous when you push yourself too hard. Listen to your body, take regular breaks, and stop when you’re tired. Overexertion and exhaustion are the leading reasons why people sustain injuries. 

By following these winter injury prevention guidelines, you can hopefully avoid injuries this season. If you get hurt this winter, we offer physical therapy near Island Park to get you back on the slopes before the spring! 

Contact Physical Therapy near Island Park Today!

Whether you enjoy snow sports or are in charge of cleaning it up, The Physical Therapy Experience is here to help you prevent winter injuries and stay safe and healthy. Be sure to contact our team today for more tips on winter injury prevention or to schedule an appointment for physical therapy near Island Park.


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