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March 5, 2017
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April 14, 2017
As people get older, many parts of the body begin to wear down and become weak. Joints become more stiff, muscles become weaker, and bones become less flexible. Because of this degradation of the human anatomy, people become more prone to certain types of injuries as they continue to age. One of the most common types of injuries that becomes more common with age is different types of geriatric bone fractures. These can occur in many different bones in the body, due to a variety of factors. For geriatric fractures, Physical Therapy Experience of Oceanside  offers a variety of treatment options for each individual patient

Usually, the increased risk of bone fractures that comes with age is associated most commonly with weakening of bones from osteoporosis, as well as an increased risk of falling. The combination of those two health risks creates an environment for bone fractures to become more likely. Falling on a weak bone is often the cause of many geriatric bone fractures. Thankfully, there are a few ways to help prevent and treat fractures in the elderly. For prevention, it is important for one to consume enough calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is critical in maintaining bone strength, and vitamin D is critical for absorbing calcium. It is also important to get  regular exercise to prevent fractures. This can help prevent fall that often lead to bone fractures in the elderly.

Treatment for these fractures often depends on the circumstances of the injury. Often, joint immobilization using splints and casts can be used to help bones heal. But in more serious cases, surgery may be required to ensure bones heal correctly. Rods and screws may be used to keep bones in place. After surgery, one should consider doing physical therapy to regain strength and movement of the affected area.

For geriatric fractures, and all other physical therapy needs, Physical Therapy Experience of Oceanside is the place to go.The expert staff and top-notch support take pride to helping all feel better again. Contact their Oceanside office to schedule an appointment, or have any further questions answered.


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