Warm Ups for Cycling

Tips for avoiding heat exhaustion during your summer workout.
July 21, 2016
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August 18, 2016


Cycling has been a staple in the Olympics since 1896. In the 1896 Olympics, there was one road race and five track races. Since then, it has grown to include mountain bike racing (since 1996) and BMX racing (since 2008). All cycling events at the olympics are strictly racing, there is no BMX dirt jumping or BMX squanch. At the 2016 Summer Games being held in Rio, there will be a total of eighteen cycling events, nine for men and nine for women. This is only the second Olympic games where both men and women share the same amount of cycling events in the Olympics, the first was 2012.

​If you take an interest in cycling and whether you’re a seasoned veteran at cycling or a new cyclist, it’s super important to warm up properly. Warming up not only helps you to prevent potential injuries, it also can lead to an increase in your performance. The recommended warm-ups are to stand tall and reach stretch, squat, and plank. Doing these warm-ups should take no longer than five minutes, so there is no worry to wasting precious ride time.

If you happen to injure yourself cycling, as a result of not warming-up, or just a routine accident, coming to The Physical Therapy Experience is the right choice to help you recuperate from the injury. The most common injuries from cycling include achilles tendonitis, patellar tendonitis, broken clavicle or scaphoid, saddle sores, lower back pain, and neck pain. These injuries come from general riding, a broken clavicle or scaphoid comes from falling off your bike and it can be hard to prevent. However, if you are looking to prevent this or at least lessen the impact, it is suggested that you keep holding on to the handlebars so that your entire body can absorb the blow as opposed to just extending your arm which can result in a broken clavicle or scaphoid. The Physical Therapy Experience can help with any of these conditions and you’ll be able to get back on your bike in no time.  


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