Wrist Fracture Prevention

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December 9, 2016
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January 9, 2017
The wrist is among the more complex bone structure in the human anatomy, it is the point on the human body which requires the highest amount of pressure control. The wrist itself is made up of eight bones which connect it to the forearm. Because of the delicate nature of this region, fractures can occur. There are two classifications of wrist fracture: displaced breaks and non-displaced breaks. As the names imply the names relate to whether or not the bones in the wrist have been displaced from their position, naturally non-displaced breaks are more stable injuries than its counterpart.

Wrist fractures are extremely frequent with patients diagnosed with osteoporosis and usually a regimen of exercise is recommended to maintain bone strength. Exercise is a method that applies to anyone who intends on avoiding wrist or any bone related injury. Simple walking exercises, balance training, and weightlifting exercises can be extremely helpful in strengthening the muscles of the arms but in also prevent falls that often lead to wrist fractures. If you suffer with osteoporosis, these exercises are even more crucial.   While falling over for most people results in minor injury, for people with osteoporosis are more likely to incur fractures due to the frailty of their bones. All wrist injuries occur from some form of impact, so ensuring that any medication that you actively take does not offset your balance is paramount in preventing wrist fractures.

Avoiding wrist fractures can also come down to simple prevention. Making sure to wear sensible shoes that are comfortable will help prevent slips and falls. Paying attention to your surroundings is also important in avoiding potential hazards that could make you fall. Also, making sure to eat a well balanced diet of lean protein, vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, and whole grains, will help keep your body in working order

While wrist fractures can seriously limit the use of your hand they usually do not require surgery as physical therapy is an effective means to rehabilitate an injured wrist. In Smithtown and Oceanside the Physical Therapy Experience is a clinic offering various rehabilitation services and assistance for patients with osteoporosis. While pain may disappear injuries do not fade away easily, so if you have had any fractures consider visiting a physical therapist.


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